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#1 30-04-2011 12:49:52

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okay, heres the dealio...

i have three hamsters...

1. Nugget-female marron cream hamster with black eyes, was my first ever hamster and now pregnant with joker's babies.

2. Joker-cream and white male hamster with black eyes, was my second hamster, and is husband to nugget, whos bearing his babies.

3. Chantal-the "newbie" of the cage, a too cute for words cream hamster with black eyes, and tested out the babies cage before moving in with the couple. wink

Chantal is single and young. when she gets older, i'll be looking for single males to marry her. smile I love nugget and joker, but i defenitely have an extra soft spot for chantal. since nugget had a family, i felt that chantal should have one too. wink


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